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"Where's the Wi-Fi?"

In 2017, holidaymakers now expect WiFi availability as standard. No matter where they are staying fast broadband is a ‘must have’ for guests who want to share holiday snaps over social media, search for local activities and stream movies on those cosy nights in. While this may not sound too much of an issue… it can be in very rural areas such as Dartmoor. Broadband coverage of even the post basic level cannot always be guaranteed in this part of the world and guests left stranded without coverage are not going to be happy finding themselves cut off for a week or two.

Broadband on Dartmoor continues to be a problem for a lot of businesses, including ourselves. We have just had Airband installed in Dartmoor Accommodation’s HQ and we are very happy with the speed. It has really revolutionised our business and is proving very reliable – the customer service has been great too. We can personally recommend Airband as an excellent option for holiday homeowners and rural businesses.

There are lots of popular misconceptions about Airband, so I asked the company to send me their answers to the most comment queries. For more detailed information, have a look at Airband’s website here.

How does Airband deliver broadband?

Airband delivers internet using fixed wireless technology. This works by passing a signal from a radio on one of our transmitters, to a small radio receiver on your property. From the receiver, a cable is run into your property allowing you to connect to the internet internally in the same way as fibre or ADSL. Simple as that!

I have been told by other broadband providers my property can’t get fast internet – why are Airband different?

The technology we use is different to that of many other providers as we are fixed wireless and not fibre – we don’t have to dig up the roads to lay cables. Our technology uses radio waves which means it is easier for us to reach you assuming your property has line of sight to transmitter. Still not sure? Enter your postcode in the postcode checker on the home page to confirm.

Do I need a phone line?

No. That’s part of the beauty of Airband – no phone line, no line rental! Airband is brought to you using a wireless signal to a small radio receiver on your property.

If you would like to cut out your line rental charge with your phone service provider, you can also use your ordinary phone over the internet using VoIP (read more about this on our website).

Is fixed wireless technology safe?

Yes. There has been considerable research conducted into radio waves and there is no evidence at all to suggest any links to health problems. You’ll find that radio waves surround us everywhere – Mobile phones, FM/AM radio and television, using much more power than our technology. In fact, in a study by the World Health Organisation, they found that the body absorbs up to 5x more of the radio wave FM signal from radio and television than from fixed wireless – and don’t get us started on mobile phones!

What is ‘Line of Sight’ and how do I know if I have it?

The Airband technology requires Line of Sight – a clear path between the radio receiver on a property and a radio on one of our transmitters. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean you have to physically see our transmitter from your doorstep – Line of Sight is determined by our advanced software and skilled engineers.

For more information and a great deal for Dartmoor Accommodation users please click here

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