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Sublime Sunday Spa break at 5* Boringdon Hall Hotel

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As you know we like to visit and experience the properties that we recommend to you. Recently we were very kindly invited to experience a ‘Sublime Sunday Spa Break’ at Boringdon Hall. It was going to be a tough challenge but one both Julian and I looked forward to.

If only every Sunday could be spent like this. After a leisurely drive over the moor we arrived at Boringdon Hall at midday on Sunday. Driving in we certainly got the feeling that Boringdon is ‘The Enchanted place on the hill’. We parked the car in the large car park and made our way to reception through one of the most grand hallways I have been through! I was already beginning to feel like lady of the manor!

Olivia on reception immediately made us very welcome and offered us a welcome drink whilst she sorted out our registration details. We had been told that check in was from 3pm however we could use the spa facilities once we arrived even if our room wasn’t ready. Luckily Olivia told us that our room was ready and then kindly personally showed us up to our room. Whilst walking us to our room Olivia explained a little about the history of the hotel.

The Parker family owned Boringdon Hall from 1582 through to 1957 when they gifted it to the National Trust. Boringdon was originally converted to a hotel by a previous owner but was destroyed by fire in March 1989. It was bought by the current owners in 2011, since then a considerable amount of time and money has been spent making ‘the enchanted place on the hill’ one of the foremost hotel and spas in the country. This is truly evident and can be demonstrated by the very recent and well deserved awards of 5 star and 3 AA rosette dining.

Our room for the night was the Catherine room and on opening the door we both just went ‘Wow!’ The Catherine room is one of the 4 four poster rooms which have been meticulously restored and each have their own unique character and story to tell! The fireplace in the Catherine Room is the one that caused the very first fire at Boringdon back in the 1700’s, now as you can see by the photos it is where you while away the hours in a divine bubble bath!

Once settled into our room we donned our complimentary Gaia Robes and slippers and headed down the ‘back staircase’ to go and find Gaia Spa.

Gaia Spa opened last year and is a luxury spa set within the grounds of Boringdon Hall. Drawing inspiration from Gaia – also known as Mother Nature – the spa’s interior and exterior encompass natural materials including wood, stone and glass for natural light in order to bring the outdoors in.

Charlotte at the Spa reception explained all the facilities on offer at the Spa and equipped us with a locker and towels.

The Gaia Spa has recently just been awarded Top Spa Hotel in the UK by the Sunday Times, and it is not difficult to see why!

There is no need to take any toiletries, towels, robes, flip flops, lockers and even GHD hairdryer and straighteners are provided in the luxurious changing rooms – in fact I was quite happy just staying here!

We didn’t book any treatments we just choose to spend a chillaxing couple of hours using the facilities.

Swimming experiences: The luxury indoor swimming pool offers guests a calm and relaxing swimming experience whilst the hydrotherapy pool features an outdoor swim through with countryside views.

Experience showers: Showers varying in intensity, temperature and sensory effect to start your journey before the other heat experiences Gaia has to offer. I chickened out of trying the ice bucket but full marks to Julian as he did brave it.

Crystal Salt steam room: The Crystal salt steam room differs from the sauna in both temperature and humidity, with a typical operating temperature normally in the region of 48 degrees C, with virtually 100% humidity. This softer heat and increased humidity with the additional benefit of the salt inhalation injection system giving a high salt content within the air has beneficial effects, particularly for the respiratory system and skin. It also features a quartz centre piece which helps increase energy whilst bringing more balance and harmony to your life.

Aromatherapy steam room: The steam room differs from the sauna in both temperature and humidity, with a typical operating temperature in the region of 40 – 45 degrees C, with virtually 100% humidity. This softer heat and increased humidity is often preferred as it is less drying on the skin.

Laconium: The Romans invented the Laconium as a room to start the spa journey and is heated at 30 – 35 degrees C (this will not necessarily induce perspiration) raising the body temperature this tricks your body into thinking you are starting to get a fever, this in turn helps improve your immune system. The room temperature is achieved by heating the walls and benches allowing you to get great deep warmth penetration through your body when you relax on the benches with your feet on the foot stools. The experience is further enhanced with the injection of relaxing aromas along with the latest colour changing system.

Herbal sauna: A sauna heated to between 65 – 70 degrees C using herbal and plant oils to create a wonderful healing aroma. Eucalyptus and lemongrass are popular as the oils can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin giving medical benefits as well as making you feel great.

Finnish sauna: Enjoy the soothing experience of the traditional Finnish sauna at a room temperature of 80 – 95 degrees C. The Finnish sauna has a number of healthy effects on the body it helps raise defences against infection, has a strengthening effect on the immune system, it also has a positive effect on those who are suffering from varicose veins and subsequent cold showers activate the circulation. The sauna heat causes an enhanced blood circulation which may alleviate skin diseases. Relaxation of the muscles assists the recovery of problems related to the muscles and ligaments. The heat also has a positive and soothing effect on the respiratory tracts.

Tepidarium style loungers: There are two heated beds poolside which are curved ceramic loungers to relax on whilst a gentle heat permeates up through your body

Upstairs in the spa area is a spacious Spatisserie area. This is a relaxed, sociable area for finding healthy snacks, light dishes and indulgent treats!

After our afternoon in Gaia Spa we felt completely refreshed, recharged and chilled! So we headed back to our room to freshen up ready for our evening of delectable dining…..

As you can probably tell we had an AWESOME time at Boringdon Hall and Gaia Spa and we could wax lyrical for hours, the best way for you to experience is go and try it for yourself – you won’t regret it

To be continued… We will be blogging about our intimate dining experience in The Gallery Restaurant very soon.....

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