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Moss's adventures at the Chagford Show

Well, last week, I went to my first ever Chagford Show – I wasn’t born this time last year, so of course it was my first visit!

I had a rest here and had a good look at what was happening

Wow, there were so many other dogs there, I spent all day saying ‘hi’ to people. Fantastic! There were lots of interesting stalls that I visited and people gave me treats and I was even allowed in most of the tents to look at the exhibits. Really exciting!

I have absolutely no idea what these are - weird sort of horses

I also saw horses and cows and sheep and all sorts of strange things, I think there were rabbits and chickens too, but I wasn’t allowed to get close to those, I can’t think why…

Managed to fit in a quick power nap while no-one was looking

This is good I could watch for hours. He never did give me a stick though...

As we walked around the show, I found Lisa from Dartmoor Accommodation and gave her a lick, she was on the Dartmoor Magazine stand, along with Sue who edits the Dartmoor Magazine and is one of my special pals as she takes me on long walks. Their stand was good and I gave it a good sniffing and would quite like to have settled down for a nap, but I got dragged off to see some other people.

Dropping in on my friends Sue and Lisa

But perhaps most exciting bit of the Chagford Show was the Dog Show. I entered the puppy class and I came second. How brill is that? I got a big blue rosette and the judge lady was really nice to me and said all sorts of nice things. I know I am beautiful, but it is till nice to be told every now and then.

Back home and sleeping off all the excitement. Keeping my rosette close though...

This week is Carnival week where I live In Moretonhampstead, so I expect I will get to see some of the things going on there – it’s all go! You have a good week. Licks, Moss.

About Moss

I am Moss, a German Wirehaired Pointer and, at the time of writing this, my first blog, I am 8 months old. Pretty clever, eh? I live on Dartmoor and, let me tell you, it is a great place to be a dog! Not only are there zillions of great places to walk, rivers to jump in and rocky bits to climb, it’s also a really dog friendly place. Pretty much everywhere I go I am welcomed. Pubs and Hotels give me dog biscuits and when I go to events I get to meet lots of my doggy friends. If your people are looking for a place to take you on holiday, Dartmoor is a fab choice.

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