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  • Jill Pendleton

A charming retreat for purists - St Raphael

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Pat and Dave were somewhat reticent about me taking photos when I visited them in November 2011, so I offered to let them view my shots prior to uploading this review onto the net and they were happy with that arrangement.

I understand their reluctance when they say, they're keen to welcome people who will appreciate this little place for what it is. Within their own cottage and wonderful country garden are a 2 rooms annexe with shower room and wc, and all is entirely in keeping with this village in the heart of the Dartmoor countryside.

Colours are muted and relaxing. The bedroom living room has a wood burner in the original fireplace and nothing jars the eye. No strident colour, no modern gewgaws, just a well considered collection of the right things in the right place, making the whole into a charming retreat for purists who will relish a few days away in this unspoilt self catering unit.

I’m sad to have missed the garden in summer, even in these dull days of the year it is tidy and full of interest. Guests are welcome to wander the vegetable plot to pick a few fresh herbs to use in the kitchen.

Dave and Pat participate in the local composting group and parish activities. They are Dartmoor born and bred. Their own website has few photos, so I was keen to see the whole and get it fixed in my head, and they told me that they enjoy meeting new guests to see the pleasure they show on arrival. Maybe the welcoming cream tea that awaits has something to do with it too.....

I can’t imagine true Dartmoor lovers not being completely bowled over. It’s Country Living through and through. It's not shabby chic, rather it's reminiscent of a well kept and beloved home of an old fashioned tidy gardener working for the local Lord of the manor 50 years ago with a few modern home comforts for good measure. Necessary trimmings, such as electric kettle, microwave, flat screen tv etc. but still as low key as possible.

It’s the best of both worlds and I know that I would love to stay here for a week at any time of the year. Book in with confidence.

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